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This is the place to share exciting (EggSiting!) information about the places we, as a tour, live in.

Send in your finds, photos, videos, places to go, things to see & do, bars, restaurants, services, where to have fun, etc. and we will publish them for the tour's use.
This blog's purpose is to help each other find what we're looking for in new environments.

Share your knowledge, it can be precious to others!!!

Please send your information to eggsite.mail@gmail.com or fill in a "Contact Us" form on this blog, and/or comment on existing postings through the blog (there is a place to comment below each post!).

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Choose your Discount Passes to New York!


Are you looking for atractions, museums and city tours in New York?
When you visit a new city, the Discount Pass is a good way to save money.

Pay atenttion in the price and how many days you will be able to use it for.
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Have a good time!!

Get discount codes to Broadway!! From: Blog "Mãos-de-Vaca"

Hey!! Are you looking for discount codes in Broadway?

Lili Andriola (from Brazil) sent for us a great blog where you´ll find a lot of information about cheap things to do in NY!!!
The blog is in portuguese, but I´ll translate same interesting posts all the time!
Whoever speaks portuguese can check "Mãos-de-Vaca" out!!! They´re doing an excellent job!

One of those MAOS-DE-VACA posts is the discount codes to Broadway!
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(Discount Codes from Maos-de-Vaca Website, wich we´ll translate, but for portuguese speakers, check the Maos-de-vaca out!)

Thanks Liliana for the great info! And thank you Maos-de-Vaca for the cool job!
Enjoy Broadway!!

Hell´s Kitchen Flea Market and The Garage in New York!!

(Picture and information from http://hellskitchenfleamarket.com/fleamarket/index.php)

Located on West 39th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues and open 9 AM - 6 PM every Saturday and Sunday, Hell's Kitchen Flea Market includes vendors from The Annex, formerly located in Chelsea. Designers, tourists, artists, celebrities, and residents shop the market for antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing, mid-century modern items--including home decorations and furniture--jewelry, and more. The market's Hell’s Kitchen South location is near the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Times Square.
Get direction: Map

(Picture and information from: http://hellskitchenfleamarket.com/fleamarket/index.php)

Located at 112 West 25th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues) and open 9AM - 5PM, every Saturday & Sunday, the Antiques Garage has been attracting thousands of shoppers each weekend since 1994 with 100+ vendors on two floors selling eclectic antiques and decorative arts--paintings and prints, vintage items including jewelry, handbags, fabrics, rugs, and furniture, every type of fine silver item imaginable, and more.
Get Direction: Map


We´re almost there!! Get ready!!



Hello New York!!! Public transportation in New York

Bye, bye San José!!!

Helloooooo NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An important informacion when we arrive in a new city is the transportation!!
Here you can find all the maps of the public transportation:
Metropolitan Transportation Authority . Check it out!!!



Subway Map

Rent a car with special discount all around the US!

Hey Everybody!!

This information is in the Tour Book but we are here to remember!

We all can rent a car with discount in the EnterPrise.com and Nacionalcar.com
You can check the discount code on the tour book!!

Enjoy your travel!!


Broadway San José

"Who is Broadway San Jose?
Broadway San Jose – A Nederlander Presentation is the new local company that will be bringing touring Broadway Musicals and events to the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, (CPA), starting September, 2009, in association with Team San Jose. For more information on Team San Jose, visit www.sanjose.org. Broadway San Jose is a part of the national Nederlander Organization, a family-owned business since 1912. For further information on Nederlander, visit www.nederlander.com." (text from website)

More information: Broadway San José

Have fun!!!

Weekly Guide to San José!

Hey Everybody!!

Patrick Chilleli (Reception) sent us some nice info to add to the blog!!

Wednesday, March 10
Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Grammy Award winning South African vocal ensemble, of more than 40 years experience, will be performing at the Carriage House Theatre, 7:30pm, 45-50$. 408.961.5858 or www.montalvoarts.com
Mavericks, Cinequest Film Festival 20 is currently running now through March 7th. Check out the whole line up of unique and innovative films at www.cinequest.org or call 408.295.3378. Films cost only 5-10$ with other pass options available. Benjamin Bratt is honored March 4 at 7pm at the California Theatre with his film La Mission. Check out the forum, “Maverick Filmmaking with the Olson Brothers” on March 6 and check out a whole lineup and get more information online.
Tracing the Past, Drawing the Future: Master Ink Painters in 20th Century China is running now through July 4 at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. Free tours Thursday at 12:15 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm, Thursday until 8 pm. Call 650.723.4177 or visit www.museum.stanford.edu , plus it’s FREE!
Any Trekkies out there? Star Trek: The Exhibition is currently in Downtown San Jose. Boldly explore the world’s most comprehensive collection of authentic Star Trek objects! Over 200 artifacts, more than 15,000 square feet!!! Admission includes access to the tech museum galleries. Visit www.startrekexhibition.com or www.thetech.org or call 408.294.8324 for more information.
Family Fun! At Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Great place to explore with your kids or alone if you like science and museums! A new exhibition, Living in Space, immerses you in a unique space environment to learn about a day in the life of an International Space Station crew member, sounds fun! Call 408.298.5437 or visit www.cdm.org for more info.

And finally: I would HIGHLY recommend not missing the following while in California; in fact, I don’t recommend, I DEMAND you do the following while here! 

Thank you Patrick for sharing info!!! :)

Cinequest: Film Festival 20

Cinequest Film Festival (website)


Make Cinequest Film Festival 20 your own by using the NEW Cinequest Interactive Scheduler. Plan out your day, your weekend or even the entire festival and save it. Create schedules on-the-go using the Cinequest iPhone or Blackberry applications and save your schedule for later. Everything is connected... and that makes you even more connected!
Enjoy the Festival!!!

Looking for High End Shopping and Dining in San José, you'll find it in Santana Row!

If you're looking for the fancy stuff (i.e. Gucci, etc.) head to Santana Row.
This shopping-village features stores, restaurants and a couple of bars. The best Borders bookstore of the area is also found there.

Contact details:

3055 Olin Avenue Suite 2100, San José, CA 95128
Tel: 408.551.4611
Hours of operation: Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 9 PM, Sunday: 11AM - 7PM

Map for public transportation access from the North Park Apartments:

View Larger Map

I'm not the shopaholic-type so I'm not able to tell you how good the shopping actually is, so all you experts out there, please give your comments!


Massage Therapist in San José

Some of you may already know her, some may not...
Alissa is the local massage therapist employed by Cirque du Soleil in, but not only limited to, San José. She also works for Kooza.

The cool thing about Alissa is that she comes to your apartment with all her equipment, performs a great massage and she can also deliver you a receipt to claim the expense back from our insurance company Cigna International.

Rates are:
60 minute massage: 115$
90 minute massage: 150$ 

To book your massage, please call Alissa directly on 415-994-2269


Monterey Bay AQUARIUM! (close to San José)

The Aquarium in Monterey is a great place to visit!!!

Get the directions: The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Monterey at the west end of historic Cannery Row, just minutes from Carmel and Pebble Beach. Monterey is approximately 125 miles (208 km) south of San Francisco and 360 miles (600 km) north of Los Angeles.

Map here!


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